Seattle Guardian ad Litem Attorney

Dawn started her career as a child advocate and has continued to champion children’s issues throughout her personal and professional life.

In family law cases involving children, the court sometimes appoints an individual to act as Guardian ad Litem, or GAL.  Parents may also agree to hiring a GAL to assist them in developing a Parenting Plan.  Dawn is a registered Title 26 (family law) Guardian ad Litem in King County. She also helps clients in cases involving other GALs.

A Title 26 Guardian ad Litem is an individual the court appoints to defend the best interests of a child during a legal case. To become a Guardian ad Litem, an individual must meet a variety of eligibility requirements, provide detailed background information to the court and complete a training program.

When Dawn is appointed as GAL on behalf of minor children, she investigates the matter  to determine what is in the children’s best interest.  She will do so by collecting information when talking to each parent, talking to the child(ren) if appropriate and talking to any third parties with relevant information about the family (i.e. school, doctors, etc.).  Dawn  then issues a detailed report that provides the court with information  about the children and issues in the case. Sometimes, although not always, Dawn will make recommendations she believes are in the child’s best interest for the court to consider.

Dawn became a Guardian ad Litem as part of her lifelong passion of advocating for children.   If your case involves a different GAL, Dawn can provide you with guidance so you know what to expect as you interact with this individual.